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German Language Course in Trivandrum

Lemaple academy provides the best German Language Course in Trivandrum. We are on of the poineer institute, which offers the excellent courses for the german language. Most of the students will struggle to select the course because they are unfamiliar about the courses, which will improve their knowledge. So we are the experts who can provide you the guidelines but also the best class courses. Are you looking for the best german language courses in trivandrum. We are here to help you. We have the experts to advice you about the best courses which enlighten your career. Feel free to connect with us.

German Language

A few German-speaking countries, apart from Germany, where knowledge of the German language gives you the advantage over others are:

German Language Course in Trivandrum


German Language Course in Trivandrum


German Language Course in Trivandrum

The Czech Republic

German Language Course in Trivandrum


German Language Course in Trivandrum


German Language Course in Trivandrum


German Language Course in Trivandrum

German Beginner’s Level (A1)

Le Maple Academy has a unique teaching method for German which makes learning the language quite easy for everyone

German Basic Level (A2)

Each student is given maximum individual attention and it ensures that their chances of learning the language successfully is very high.

German Beginner’s to Basic Level (A1 & A2)

Classes are available at different times of the day which help our students to balance their German study and work

German Intermediate Level (B1)

At Le Maple German classes are taught by qualified trainers who have years of relevant experience

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Master German and Shape Your Future in Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior knowledge of German to do any of your courses?

If you are new to learning German, you enrol in the Goethe Zertifikat A1 course and to do this course you do not need any prior knowledge of the language. But courses in the intermediate level call for a basic knowledge of the language.

How long will it take for me to reach B2?

An average learner should take about ten months to get to the B2 level if he is learning the language for the first time.

Is it possible for working professionals to study German at Le Maple?

Definitely. We have early morning, late evening and weekend batches for working professionals

Does Le Maple assure success in learning the German language ?

Of course we assure your success with learning the German language as long as you are regular in attending the course and doing the assignments.

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What Our Students are Saying

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When my agency asked me to learn German I had started looking for a good German study centre. Nowadays there are so many coaching centres for German and I contacted many places by phone. I did not want to rely on ads so through a friend in Tvm I made some enquiries in his friends's circle. From experience three of his friends recommended Le Maple. And that was the beginning. I am of the opinion now that Le Maple has more experience in this field and the trainer is professional to the care. Best of all places for German.
Vignesh R
I have got admission for Ausbildung in Cottbus in Germany through Le Maple. The service of Le Maple was affordable and trouble free. The director of this Academy knows German and prepared me for the interview and did the paper work to my satisfaction. Best Place for getting admission for Ausbildung as far as I know.
I was extremely picky about the institution where to study German at first. I spent over one week doing my research on the internet and making phone calls to language training institutes. It was then I contacted my friends who studied German already and many of them recommended Le Maple in Trivandrum. I called the institute and talked to the chief trainer there. A few days I went to meet him and the meeting was very positive. That was the beginning of my German learning at Le Maple. I can proudly say that I made the right decision by choosing this institute. Best faculty and a good atmosphere to learn. Thanks for agreeing to teach me sir. You are a unique trainer. All the best for your teaching career.
Alby Armstrong