Goethe Zertifikat Exams

A German language proficiency exam for adults who have had either 100-500 hours of lessons or acquired basic knowledge of German through independent study.

With the German A1 level you can use and understand simple sentences,talk about your basic needs,introduce and answer questions about yourself and ask others questions about them.

With us you learn everything you need to know for your Goethe A1 exam – the structure of the exam,its content,format and exam strategies.

The Goethe Zertifikat A2 – A German language proficiency exam for adults,requiring elementary German language skills.With an A2 level,you can consider yourself an advanced beginner.You can understand sentences and phrases which refer to yourself or your family/work environment.

You can communicate in German in everyday life situations and have short conversations about familiar and popular topics.

A German language proficiency exam for young people and adults who already have a basic knowledge of German and who want to move to Germany for work or higher studies.

By reaching the B1 level you can communicate in important situations in life,ranging from work to study to free time.You can describe your experiences,dreams,hopes and goals and give short explanations in German.

At the Goethe B1 level you use the most important grammatical structures correctly.