Why learn German in Trivandrum with Le Maple Academy ?

Learn from Home

Quality German language training from the comfort of your home. You can learn German online in Trivandrum via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom anytime of the day or evening.

Learn Quickly

We cut to the chase. We help you reach Advanced Beginner Level in 4 weeks and the Intermediate Level in 10 weeks by teaching you the exam skills that really matter.

Exam Preparation Assistance

One hundred percent exam preparation assistance. We make sure that you are familiar with the exam format and teach you the exam skills required so that you will know what to do during exam time.

Student Satisfaction

High student satisfaction rate. A quick look at our testimonials is proof of the popularity our courses enjoy among German learners in Kerala. Many of the students we have are friends or family members of our ex students. It means we get students by word of mouth too.

Personalised Training

We understand that language learning skills differ from person to person and a general approach does not work for all. By limiting the class size, we ensure that each student receives all the individual attention he needs to have a good start in mastering German .

Affordable Course Fees

One question we get without fail from prospective students is how much it costs to learn German. We believe that for our courses to benefit more people they should suit every pocket and deliver quality German language training at affordable prices.

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